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Frequently Asked Questions – Appeals

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1. Why have I not received my EOB?

EOBs are being sent in a series of mailings, generally starting with the older dates of service. It may take several months for all the EOBs to be mailed. If you wish to inquire about the status of your claim, please use the Inquiry tab found by clicking on the link below and clicking the Members or Providers link, as appropriate:

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2. How do I submit an appeal of the EOB?

To submit an appeal, please click on the link below and follow the procedures.


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3. Why did I not receive a check for the allowed amount stated in the EOB?

Distributions on allowed claims will be made upon recommendation of the Liquidator and approval of the Court. At present, the Liquidator has not recommended that any distributions be made. Distributions will not be for the full allowed amount stated on the EOB, but will represent a percentage of the allowed claim based on a proportionate share of the assets of Health Republic.

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4. What is an allowance?

In a liquidation proceeding, distributions to creditors can only be made on allowed claims. Under the Claims Adjudication Procedure, the EOB is the method by which the Liquidator informs creditors of the allowed amount for each claim.

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